Thursday, December 28, 2006

How did we get here???

I ask myself that question quite frequently these days and still haven't come up with a good I will just start off with the basics about us. I decided to start this blog for several reasons, probably as my own personal therapy more than anything else, but also as an easy way to keep friends and family informed on where we are in our cycles and as a resource for others out there who are on the same roller coaster ride that at times seems never ending.

We started our search 3 long years ago with a conversation at one of our favorite restaurants. Of course I immediately went home and trashed the BCPs and commenced to determining the optimal days for the "BD". Of course the thought was that in just a few short months we would have our own little bun in the oven. I had already concocted all kinds of ways that I would spring the happy news on my hubby, now I think he knows my cycle better than I much for a big surprise! Well after a year without so much as a glimmer of the stork's tail feathers we made an appointment to get checked out with a fertility specialist. Well lucky for us, everything came back perfectly tubes were open and clear, no endometriosis, the swim team had plenty of members and were pretty strong, what does all that mean? Well we are both perfectly healthy, young (at that time 28-me, 27-my dear hubby), and Unexplained! It has taken me quite some time to come to terms with that diagnosis, in fact I still scour the Internet, books, my fellow infertile friends, the RE, etc. looking for some kind of "fix-able" problem. As you can see from our journey we have been through multiple clomid/natural, clomid/IUI, and injectible/IUI cycles. Our very first injectible/IUI cycle we achieved what we both had hoped and prayed for - We were officially pregnant!! Unfortunately a few short days later the stork decided that it just wasn't our time and we lost the pregnancy. So after a couple of months to regroup we went back at the injectible/IUI cycles thinking that we had surely found the winning combination. Now a year, one failed IVF, and one failed FET later, we are still left wondering "How did we get here?"

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Carol said...

Welcome to the world of IF blogging. Sorry you have to be here, but hopefully you'll find lots of good support along the way. Good luck on your next try at IVF. I've been through 5 failed cycles, just diving into cycle #5.