Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Irony...BCPs!

How strange to think that those little pills we took to keep us from getting PG, are now the very thing I have to start off taking for my IVF cycle. AF finally arrived this past Saturday so I have officially started the process for IVF/ICSI #2 with BCPs! Can I just say they make me feel like crap?! Headaches, moodiness, bloating...wait, that could be any other day :-) Assuming that all goes as planned I should start stims on 1/19/07. My RE is switching up my protocol from my last cycle...last cycle I did BCPs and Lupron then started on 225 IUs of Gonal - F. This time we have nixed the Lupron and I will be doing Antagon, Menopur, and Gonal-F starting 1/19. At ER, I will also be starting on Estrace (Estrogen) and BA in addition to the wonderful PIO shots. Hopefully this will be the right combination!

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