Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Foreshadowing...or just plain Rude?

New Year's Eve I had several interesting run ins in the women's bathroom. We decided to ring in the New Year at the Ocracoke Community Center...it was $20 per person for food, open bar, and the Ocracoke Rockers. You can't beat that! So, given that it was open bar and I could have all the Cape Cods I wanted nature called quite often. My first trip to the bathroom was pretty uneventful, but then the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th trips for full of adventure. My 2nd trip there was a lady sitting on the throne with the door wide open. Keep in mind that there were doors with locks on the stalls! She looks up and says "Hi" like it is the most normal thing in the world. My 3rd trip there is this lady in one of the stalls (with the door closed, thankfully) singing Joan Jett at the top of her lungs. My 4th and final trip is where the foreshadowing or just plain rude comes in. I am standing at the sink washing my hands when this chick comes up beside me and pats my stomach and says "What a sweet little baby in there". Okay, you see the picture...do I look pregnant?! Also, I do not think I would be throwing back Cape Cods if I were. If only she knew how much I wish she were right and that that really was a little baby pooch. It was an innocent enough comment, but to someone in my shoes it was just a reminder that what comes so easily to many others, isn't so easy for us. Of course my dear hubby, trying to make me feel better of course, says she must be some kind of witch who can predict the future - ha! I guess my New Year's resolution should have been to lose some weight!


aah0424 said...

Welcome to blogland!! I started blogging over the summer and it has been a great way to get all the frustration out. Feel free to stop by my blog:

I love Ocracoke-we were suppose to go down over New Years, but didn't end up making it. I for one don't think you look pregnant at all in that picture. She must have just had one too many drinks. I know you wish you were, but it sucks when people think you are when you're not.

Hopeful Mother said...

Hi there!

I often worry that someone will make a comment like that to me - because I DO actually look like I might be 3 mo. pregnant... you certainly don't though.

Wishing you all the best this cycle!