Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Ironies of Infertility

A fellow "IF"er posted this and I thought it was worth sharing...sometimes you just have to laugh!

1. Birth Control Pills. These little pills stopped us from getting pregnant when we were younger, who would have guessed that many of us may never have needed to take them in the first place! Also, I find it completely ironic that I begin each IVF cycle having to take them!
2. Looking forward to getting our period so that we can actually begin our stimming!
3. Needles. The thing I was scared of most as a child, is what is going to be vital in giving me a child of my own!
4. that peeing on a stick could be a husband/wife event (pg or ovulation)
5. that your period is a social event to be discussed.
6. Picking up a prescription for the birth control pill at the pharmacy (for your IVF cycle) while picking up pre-natal vitamens at the same time...and the pharmacist looks at you like you have 2 heads!
7. Getting the call that you have a BFN as you're watching the Maury Povich show about a drug-addicted prostitute who wants a paternity test.
8. I use to tell my friends who were having trouble conceiving not to worry that if they cant get pg, they can always adopt. NOW they are the one's with the baby's and I may be on my way to adoption.
9. Deathly afraid of blood work, yet I went to RE for 19 days for us and blood work just to have a baby.
10. Hating to get an annual pap and now every possible intsrument has been shoved up me in the past year!
11. In the first 3 yrs of my marriage when i was still studying, i freaked out if AF was late even by 3 days and the moment it came it was a moment of joy and the first thing i did was call DH. Now all prayers are to ensure that AF doesnt come and I get PG instead.
12. We used to be very careful about who we spread our legs for and now it seems like every Tom, Dick and Harry has seen us in a comprising position..with stirrups nonetheless!
13. The big "O" no longer refers to orgasm, but rather ovulation...
14. Before starting this process, I had wicked PMS symptoms and was trying to work with my doctor to alleviate some of my anxiety, cravings, bitchiness, and depression during the 2 weeks after ovulation. Now I purposely induce all of these symptoms, so I can have them for 4 weeks instead of 2. Go figure!!!The things we do
15. I think I could drop my pants for practically anyone now... modesty is out the window...
16. and I love explaining to a regular physician that I am doing IVF and that I am on Birth Control Pills....

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