Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Give me a break!

90% of the time I am amazed by the nurses that I come into contact with. They have been compassionate, caring, understanding...you name it. Well the past week I have definitely been dealing with the other 10%! It all started with my annual GYN exam last Thursday. My absolute favorite NP left the infertility practice that I am going to and has joined an OBGYN practice. Since she has been such a wonderful source of support to Hunter and I through this whole journey I followed her to the land of the fertile. Of course I walk in the practice and am immediately greeted by a waiting room full of "fertiles"...but like I said, it was my choice to go there so I knew what to expect. Well the nurse calls me back to take my medical history ... pretty much everything under the sun since I was a new patient. So of course one of the questions is "Have you had any pregnancies?" Yes. "Deliveries?" No, two miscarriages. At that point she realized that I was on CD38 so she thought it was a grand idea for me to take a pregnancy test. Give me a break! It was quite humorous actually...she actually believed it might be positive - ha! So after another battery of questions I again get the question "Have you had any pregnancies?" Yes. (Trying not to look at her like an idiot) "Deliveries?" No, two miscarriages. (Really? Didn't you already write that down somewhere??) Once again there is a whole other battery of questions...family history of illness, etc. The the really kicker "How old are your two children?" Once again for the 3rd time, they were miscarriages. (Are you f***ing kidding me??? Give me a break!) I didn't even get a sorry from her on that. I do realize that not everyone understands, or should understand this whole world of IF, but give me a break.

So now it is a new week and I am starting fresh. This is the week that I start stims (I hope!). First thing Monday morning I call the REs office to get my prescriptions for this cycle filled. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, but who wants to turn loose of that kind of $$ before they have to?? The nurse does get points for calling me back pretty quickly (within 3 hrs...that is quick at my REs office). The first thing she says to me is "I didn't look at your chart, what meds do you need?" Uhh...Well I think Gonal-F, Menopur, etc. but since I don't have my protocol I don't know for sure. (Once again, are you kidding me? You are the nurse, you are supposed to be telling me what I need. How hard it is to look at my chart before you call me back...all of their stuff is on EMR so it isn't even like they had to go looking for a paper chart) "Well I guess I should talk to Dr. M before I call in your prescription." That sounds like a good idea (and why couldn't you have done that before you just wasted my time?). Well I made the call to the pharmacy to arrange delivery and find out exactly how big a chunk of change I was going to have to shell out and believe it or not the nurse had called in some of the prescriptions wrong! Why should I be surprised?! Hopefully they have it all squared away now and my drug dealer (aka the FedEx man) will be visiting me on Thursday.

What a way to start my 3rd IVF...smooth sailing, huh?


Somewhat Ordinary said...

Gosh, I'm so sorry about that nurse. It must be that time of year for the medical profession to go on Spring Break, too! I posted on Friday about my horrible experience with my gyn. of 12 years. I wonder if they've ever worked together because their keen sense of compassion is ver similar!

Emily said...

oh ugh, Angi. What floors me about the idiot nurse is that m/c's are common. Time to get off auto pilot and start engaging that brain that God gave her. Same thing goes for idiot nurse #2 at the RE's office. Ugh, again.

Kellie said...

Grrr, why must people make our IF lives even more difficult/stressful/frustrating?

Here's to a successful upcoming cycle!

Marie-Baguette said...

I hope you will complain about her to your doctor!
Good luck with everything

Stephanie said...

You deserve an award for not slapping that nurse and walkin out!

Karen said...

How utterly aggravating!! I hope that the rest of this cycle goes much more smoothly!