Friday, April 13, 2007

Nothing like an early morning wanding

to get the day started! My u/s this morning revealed a few more follies than we had on Tuesday. Right now we have about 14...7 on each side. Luckily they are all pretty much measuring the same (b/t 11 & 12). Isn't there some saying about slow and steady winning the race? Haven't gotten my E2 yet as they were quite busy this morning so it will probably be late afternoon before they call. I go back on Monday and hopefully will trigger on Monday or Tuesday for an ER on Wednesday or Thursday. Since we are going a little slower than I anticipated I have to order more drugs. My knocked up buddy from my Mind/Body group has graciously offered me her left over Follistim. Hopefully they are some lucky drugs...although I feel like I should be meeting her in a dark alley to make the exchange. We have a pretty low-key weekend planned. My body is pretty tired and bloated, so sleep and rest are my friend right now. No early signs up hyperstimulation which is great news!! All in all I am feeling pretty positive right now. Happy Friday to all!!


Mary Ellen and Steve said...

It sounds like everything is going well so far! That's great news! I hope that you have a nice relaxing weekend.

Becks said...

A happy Friday to you too. Have a lovely weekend with your hubby.

Rachel said...

That sounds really great. Good luck!