Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Officially in the 2ww slump!

Okay, so I stole this list from Carol @ , but it seemed fitting at this point in my 2ww and I wasn't feeling very creative on my own! Congratulations to Carol, she is officially PG and has conquered the mean IF monster!!

Typical early pregnancy symptoms:
Tender, swollen breasts or nipples – a little tender, but is most likely a side effect of the PIO
Darkening of the areola – no
Blue veins in breasts - of course there are, how can you be as pale as I am and not see blue veins? There aren't any more than usual though.
Fatigue – yep, but that is nothing new.
Sleeplessness – nope, still sleeping through the night.
Slight bleeding or spotting – nope.
Slight cramping – yep, started on Monday which was 3dp3dt, but I had cramping with my previous 2 cycles and we all know how they ended up.
Nausea with or without vomiting – nope.
Food aversions or cravings – i am picky, but no more than usual.
Changes in taste and smell – nope.
Heartburn or indigestion – nope.
Constipation – nope.
Frequent urination – yep, but once again this happened the last 2 times.
Headaches – I always seem to have a headache, but most likely from all the drugs.
Faintness/dizziness – a little dizziness last night, but was accompanied by a headache so who knows???
Mood swings – of course I don't think so, but Hunter would probably disagree with me. I could probably cry at the drop of a hat, or a wrong look, or just about anything else under the sun.
Increase in basal body temp – wouldn't know...

So there you have it, a whole lot of stuff that doesn't mean much at this point. I am trying very hard to stay positive but given the fact that my symptoms (or lack of) are pretty much the same as the last 2 times, I am finding it very hard. Luckily I have my Mind/Body class tonight which should help me get my emotions back in check (at least for a couple of days anyway). Anybody have any good ideas for major distractions??? Maybe Hunter should take me to the beach this weekend :-)


VanillaDreams said...

Wanted to wish a fellow cycler good luck in the 2WW. My 10DW ends tomorrow -- beta day. (at 10dp5dt)

Are you planning on taking a HPT before your beta? If so, good luck and all the best to you!!


Stephanie said...

Hope your TWW is super fast and that you develop some of those symtoms. But would you this early? I mean most folks don't even know they are preggo this early. But then those are those fertile girls and they aren't looking for symtoms as hard as we are. I haven't noticed any symptoms. :(

Susan said...

Hey Angi
The 2ww is killer, isn't it? Its so hard not to obsess over the symptoms. I just posted about how it is so very cruel that the side effects of progesterone mimic the early signs of pregnancy. Hang in there! When is you beta?
(aka Asha07, your CB from IVFC!)