Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Officially in beta Hell!

That damn stork is playing tricks on us again! I am officially in beta hell! My beta came back positive, but the level is only 12.4 so it isn't looking too good that this will be a viable pregnancy. So...I had already prepared myself for the negative after the HPT, but I had not prepared myself for this. They want me to come back tomorrow and see if the number is going up or down, so I guess I still in beta limbo (i.e. hell). Any positive thoughts or prayers you can spare would be greatly appreciated!!

Edited to add: I am currently 11dp3dt.


Susan said...

I wish you luck on rising beta. May the numbers double like they are supposed to. Susan Avoca, Pa

Hopeful Mother said...

Wishing you all the best - I can't imagine how hard it must be to be in limbo.

Hoping for a nice big number in a couple days. {HUGS}

Susan said...

oh, gosh. sending lots of positive thoughts your way. Go up, beta, go up!

Carol said...

oh dear. I can't recall what day this is. Is it an early beta? I will definitely be hoping for a nice strong rise for you. Stay strong.

Valerie said...

Hoping your beta rises nicely and you can get out of beta hell. I just found your blog and am new to IVF. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way.

aah0424 said...

Oh, I am hoping with everything i have that the Beta rises!!

Anonymous said...

I know that things are going to be okay this time
We have ask God for a continuing rise in the levels.
I just feel that it is goining to go the right way.
Continue to have positive vibes for the next few days. There is no room for negativity.
When we ask in His name we have to belive that He will answer in a positive way.
Think of the little embreo nesting in your womb getting all cozy and making a nice nest for itself for the next 9 months.
Picture it in your minds eye and believe that is what is happening
I believe that this will happen this time and I am going to have my 3rd grandchild.
Love all three of you

Kristy said...

I'm praying for your beta to rise (((HUGS)))

Kellie said...

Sending you lots of positive thoughts for good news today.